Aside from our Guard division, MSO also renders the following services:

Special event Security

Our Security services are available for all sorts of Festival events like Sport & Musical events, Corporate functions and much more.

Private Investigation

Our Company has two Private investigators that can assist our clients with much needed investigations effectively and discreetly.

Undercover Guards

Under cover security guards can be used to help stop business crimes such as shoplifting or at events to help prevent dangerous situations.

Our Private investigators & Undercover Guards

Their respective experiences ranges from background checks, skip tracing, missing persons, to high profile cases & syndicates. Private investigation plays an important role in assisting individuals, law enforcement agencies and corporations. In our case we concentrate on Corporate & Criminal investigations; thereby assisting our clients when needs arise.

Undercover security guards are also known as loss prevention officers and many retail stores use them to ensure that people who are stealing get caught.

Looking for a professional licensed company to provide a high-quality contract security with superior customer service and attention to detail? We are the right choice for you. For a free no-obligation consultation, please call us at (022) 482-3100 / 2.

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Our guard services are available 24 hours a day for all types of businesses.

Client Service

MSO Security can proudly say that it have not lost even one client.

Why Choose MSO?

Our Guards are carefully chosen and intensively prepared.
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